The love of chess is the root of all evil.


Does anyone really give a rat’s ass about Bobby Fischer? 
Here is a guy that no one had even thought of since 1972.  He
shows up back in 1992 to play chess for three million bucks in the
former Yugoslavia against his old pal Spassky, and so naturally Uncle Sam wants
to lock him up.  Evidently, now he has denounced his US citizenship and is
hiding out in Iceland after the Japanese were going to turn him over to
the Feds. 

Here is what I don’t get.  Yeah, he spit on some government
documents and told the State Department to go fuck themselves. He was
going to play chess whenever and against whomever.  If they didn’t
like it, tough shit.  Good for him.  And yeah, he is crazier
than a shithouse rat.  He was born Jewish, couldn’t be more
Jewish, so logically he has taken a position that all Jews are evil or
something like that.  Sounds pretty crazy to me, makes sense to him.  So the part
that I don’t get is–why do we want this crazy bastard back?  Let
him live in Iceland or whatever country wants to put up with his jackoff
antics.  Not our problem anymore.  Let’s keep it that
way.  One less anti-Semitic, anti-American, anti-common sense
whacko breathing my air and drinking my water.

Last time I checked Osama Bin Laden is still doing the hokey-pokey near
the Pakistan/Afghan border.  Howzabout we take the money, time ,
resources and effort being used to track down a chess geek and go after
someone who is an ACTUAL threat, not a goofballwho is one step above a
glorified D&D player.


2 Responses to “The love of chess is the root of all evil.”

  1. sgazzetti Says:

    I recently read that Bobby Fischer has a special pair of metallic socks that allow him to communicate with Ted Kennedy.Does that help your case, or hurt it?(I think you mean ‘renounced’, but good on you.)

  2. Sarcastro Says:

    I wrote “renounced” but the evil Jew bankers who run the world with the unwitting help of the Papists and Freemasons changed it to “denounced” just to make me look stupid.

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