Hysterical Rant About Bill Purcell


Word around the campfire is that Nashville Mayor Bill Purcell is cooking the books.  

Let me back up for a minute.  I own a small contracting firm
doing work on a Metro government construction job.  In the past
Metro has always been very prompt with payment to the various
contractors doing work around town.   However on this job, we
are constantly being paid late by our General Contractor who claims
that Metro hasn’t cut them a check.  I suspected the GC was up to
no good until some Metro insiders (I have spies everywhere)
hinted that Metro is holding the money an extra thirty days on ALL
contractor payments.  This way they can net some extra interest
with which to keep Metro Government out of the red.  This comes to
some serious money when you look at all of Metro’s projects.  So
as I understand from these ‘insiders’ is that the Mayor and his stooges
have conducted this little scheme with the goal being that he can run
for Senate while touting  his budgetary prowess.   Wow,
Mr. Mayor you didn’t raise taxes.  You just raped the small

How is this such a burden you may ask?  Well most contractors, vendors and suppliers run their business in what is termed “net 30“. 
Metro isn’t paying until after sixty days, all of a sudden.  Which
in short, means the contractors are now behind 60 days on their bills
and have exhausted sixty days worth of reserve cash to cover bills,
payroll, etc.   When that cash flow is interrupted, the bills
pile up, vendors don’t get paid on time,  and the contractor
cannot afford to stay in business if he can’t cover payroll and

Many  of you are thinking, “Wow, Sarcastro, when did you become
such a crybaby?”  Oh no,  I’ll be fine.  But the
families of the thirty men I have to lay off might be crying. 
This is what someone smarter has called
” The Doctrine of Unintended Consequences”.   Save the
government money by not paying bills on time, and you cause economic

We have been working on this job since around the first of the
year.  We have received two monthly checks in four and a half
months.  If bankruptcies and unemployment are the goals of the
Purcell administration, well done sir!

Of  course I could be wrong and this whole thing could be just an
issue of incompetency and there is no malice on the part of Mayor
Purcell, Metro Finance or any of the legion of bureaucrats who suck off
the taxpayer’s tit.  After all wouldn’t we all feel better if our
elected officials turned out to be idiots instead of crooks?


One Response to “Hysterical Rant About Bill Purcell”

  1. sgazzetti Says:

    Not sure that I would, actually. But I live in the former Yugoslavia.

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