Have you or a loved one been persecuted by the Nazis?


You and your family may be entitled to damages.  Call the law
offices of Dart Burham.  Justice is your right, and we deMANd it!

No one with any sense can argue that the Nazis didn’t fuck over the
Jews.  Oddly enough,  the Swiss make Hitler and his boys look
downright honorable.  At least the Nazis had the decency to say
from the beginning “We don’t much care for you and would like you to
leave.  In fact, here are some trains to take you ‘somewhere
else’. ”  The Swiss on the other hand have the stench of betrayal
hanging over their heads.  Not only did they actively solicit
wealthy Jews to hide their assests in trusts run by Swiss banks, they
turned around and sold those assets to the Germans on the cheap. 
After all, the Jews weren’t going to come back from their little train
ride.  So who is going to complain? Good scheme if you can get
away with it.  It kind of undercuts both the Holocaust Deniars and
the Germans who claim they know nothing.  You can’t pull off a scam like this if the mark shows back up claiming his property.

The Swiss are made up of Germans, Italians, and French.  Looks like this bank was run by the French flavored ones.



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